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About the Book

Have you been looking for the perfect "manual" for all of your health and nutrition questions? 

Are you interested learning more about how this lifestyle change can improve your life?

If so, then this is the perfect book for you! 

Enjoy Optimal Health - 98 Health Tips from a Family Doctor is a compilation of over one-hundred of the weekly health columns Dr. Feinsinger wrote and for the Glenwood Springs Post Independent . "The goal of the book is to enable readers to control their own health destiny," says Dr. Feinsinger.  

This book covers a wide range of health tips and strategies and helps readers learn about plant-based nutrition, heart attack prevention, and what the best actions they can be taking towards their optimal health. Whether you have a question about Cholesterol, Dental, or what the safest cookware is, Enjoy Optimal Health has the answers for you! 

Practical, evidence-based information to help you prevent, treat and in many cases reverse many common health problems people suffer from in Western societies. Good health is not all about pills and procedures--many of these tips involve regular exercise and optimal nutrition.

This is information you probably won't get from your doctor, who most likely didn't learn it in medical school.