Hippocrates Docs
Just 1 Thing 4 Health

Just 1 Thing 4 Health

The Heath Movement Dr. Feinsinger Is A Part Of

Who They Are

Hippocrates Docs is a united voice of doctors who are passionate about their patients’ health. We understand the solution for our worsening chronic disease epidemic is a Whole Foods, Plant Based (WFPB) no sugar, salt and oil added lifestyle.

What They Are Dedicated To

  1. Introducing consumers to the powerful benefits of this lifestyle and to providing support on the journey to a new, healthy, happy life.
  2. Supporting doctors who have not yet embraced all the scientific, peer-reviewed, unbiased studies proving that the solution is in a whole-foods, plant based diet and lifestyle.

The Purpose They Serve

Hippocrates Docs is a resource physicians can use with confidence to support patients in making nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our cornerstone offering is a baby-steps approach to changing habits and lifestyle Just 1 Thing at a time hosted by 30 different doctors, one of whom is Greg Feinsinger, M.D., who support their patients in preventing and reversing chronic disease.

Want To Know More?

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